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Easy Money

August 27th, 2014

Easy Money

There is no such thing, all money is hard no matter where you get it from, working, scamming, stealing or borrowing it, all takes something out of you to get it and then it lasts but moments, it makes a person wonder why we try so hard to get so much of it. When the money in our bank accounts isn’t enough and the term credit rating really means, you haven’t been able to save shit, and there are so many bills, it looks like a tree has sacrificed its life for all the paper you are hording, easy unsecured loans looks like the answer. What does this really mean, well in most cases it means a loan given to a person on credit history and not against some type of property they may own and even then the credit can be fairly dodgy and you can still get a loan. Why would a finance company do this, because no matter what you say, you still have personal belongings that you can lose. Knee caps, your first born child, alright maybe not the knee caps, what they will take is anything that could possibly be sold. Your TV, fridge, car anything they can think of to recoup their cash.

After looking at what is required to be able to get one of these personal short term loan, it also appears they are giving money to morons, especially if the explanations are any guide. Firstly they let you know that the reason for you providing I.D is because of the Anti-laundering and Anti-terrorism acts and they need to be able to verify who you are. Um righto, what I want to know how on earth is that going to help them identify if you are a terrorist or into money laundering, I mean it is not something that you would have out there for all the world to see and if you did then you are the dumbest terrorist in history.

The finance company then goes onto explain what I.D is required, there are two proof of identity needed one from type one and one from type two. Type one can be an Australian driver’s license (not expired), fairly logical. Passport, it has to be current and issued from the Australian government or another countries government. No, you don’t say. Proof of age card, issued by your state or territory. Now I don’t know about you but it seems a bit insulting to assume that a person would bring their fun park passport instead of the real deal. This is the one I like the best though, if using a utilities account statement as I.D and it is in arrears, then your chance at getting a easy unsecured loan may be affected. Really, it may be affected, well isn’t that a surprise, who would have guessed by being in debt you might not get a loan. Certainly shocked me.